Question: Should All Sanctuary City Leaders Be Arrested?

At some point, their lawless actions cross a line. Have they actually crossed that line?

The so-called ‘resistance’ has been making a lot of noise since Trump was elected.

Now that Oakland’s mayor kicked a hornet’s nest, things have gotten even worse.

Many planned roundups of repeat criminals by ICE agents were thwarted by her warning that Illegal aliens should scatter.

The DOJ has initiated a lawsuit against Cali concerning laws that undermine the legitimate Constitutional powers of the Fed.

And we have a rough idea of just how many crimes the re-released illegals can be expected to commit.

Are these lawless lawmakers aiding and abetting criminals? Obstructing justice?

What do you think? Should they face charges?

We have a poll.

Should All Sanctuary City Leaders Be Arrested?

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And for those who answered ‘yes’, there’s a petition, too.

The Effeminization Of The American Male
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