Question: President Trump Thinks Kids Should Be Allowed To Pray in School – Do You Agree?

This seems like a no-brainer.

To the leftists with no brains, however, it is somehow more complex than the Constitutionally protected right of ‘freedom of religion’.

The majority of Americans identify themselves as Christian, but children still aren’t allowed to pray in schools without activists having a conniption fit.

In June, President Trump addressed the Faith and Freedom Coalition at a conference.

Here’s what he said:

So we want our pastors speaking out. We want their voices in our public discourse. And we want our children to know the blessings of God. (Applause.) Schools should not be a place that drive out faith and religion, but that should welcome faith and religion with wide, open, beautiful arms. (Applause.) Faith inspires us to be better, to be stronger, to be more caring and giving, and more determined to act in selfless and courageous defense of what is good and what is right. It is time to put a stop to the attacks on religion. (Applause.) Thank you.
Source: Washington Post

Of course, the Media (D) went nuts.

That excerpt from President Trump’s speech was taken from a Washington Post article titled, ‘The big problem with what Trump just said about religion in schools.’

How dare the President say that schools are hostile to religion! Doesn’t he know how many schools have prayer rooms for Muslim students? Doesn’t he know that children are allowed to think whatever they like as long as it doesn’t look like prayer?

And don’t forget, there are school football coaches that are being reprimanded for praying with their players — even if it is student-led.

HS School Coach Prays On The Field – Look What The Court Just Did To Him


But what the Media (D) doesn’t realize is that this has been going on for a long, long time. They just don’t care because it’s ‘just religion’.

For years, there have been activists that have railed against Christian prayer, any sort of universal prayer, and even moments of silence.

But Leftists continue to shriek ‘separation of church and state!’ while they shove their activist, anti-God agenda down the throats of public school children.

This isn’t a uniquely American problem.

Up north, religious Canadians are livid because of a recent speech by their new Governor General (a ceremonial office as representative of the Queen) Julie Payette, former astronaut and arbiter of ‘truth’ — where she mocked anyone that could possibly believe that life was created and not random. (Video here.)

Perhaps we need a uniquely American solution — one that is totally badass.

Is it time to stop cowering like wussified little geldings and take that ballsy step towards reclaiming the culture?

Is it time to allow prayer back in schools?

What do YOU think?

Question: President Trump Thinks Kids Should Be Allowed To Pray in School - Do You Agree?

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