QUESTION: Are The NFL Zombies The Left’s ‘USEFUL IDIOTS?’ – This Bro Says He Knows

Will the perpetually outraged NFL ‘Take A Knee’ clowns hear one of their own?

Former NFL player and Burgess Owens appeared on Hannity’s show Thursday night and slapped some truth into this discussion.

He came down hard on Democrats and their ‘socialist, liberal, Marxist’ ideology that frames blacks as victims of whites.

He said, “Liberals at the top, elitists, they are using my race, they are bringing misery to my race and then using this misery to make sure they keep their power.

QUESTION: Are The NFL Zombies The Left's 'USEFUL IDIOTS?'

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And he dropped a ton of truth-bombs about the failure of Leftist policies that if they had been said by anyone else would be considered ‘racist’.

83% of black teen males [are] not working, 77% of black men abandon their families; I mean, I go through the litany of failure, and it’s all because of a Democratic socialist agenda to make sure that misery is used as political strategy.

He went on to explain why this protest has sparked so much outrage:

Let me tell you what the flag represents and what our country represents; it’ a place of hope, it’s a place of second chances, and we have these young men that are literally millionaires … with billions of dollars represented on that sideline, and they have no clue that we the people — they — are the solution, because they’ve been brought up in this socialist, liberal, Marxist environment in which they’re not given hope. …

The Democratic Party has failed the black community for decades. I’m sick and tired of us being portrayed as a hapless race, that white people did all these things to us, because we don’t know our history. So let’s man up, learn our history, find out that not only did we give a lot to this country, but we got a lot from this country. We’re the freest country in the history of mankind.

Watch Burgess stomp all over the crappy leftist narrative:

And the pièce de résistance, his resounding support of President Trump and castigation of Barry:

I’m very, very proud to have a president who has the courage and the love for our country to have this come up as a topic. This is a national conversation we should’ve been having many years. The problem we’re having in the black community is the lack of hope did not just appear over the last few months; it’s been eight, ten years; with a black president who never addressed the issues that are now happening in the black community.

One thing’s for sure — Burgess Owens isn’t dumb as a stick like some of the others choosing to weigh-in:

Burgess Owens dropkicks the nonsense surrounding the ‘Take A Knee’ protest.

This thing really is nonsense, and people are rejecting the NFL — both ticket sales and viewership is down.

Send these clowns a message.


H/T: Daily Wire

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