Question: NFL Rejects AMVETS ‘Please Stand’ Super Bowl Ad – Are They Officially Toast To You Now?

If they’re TRYING to make sure we don’t tune in for the Super Bowl, this is the right way to do it!

The Superbowl, let’s face it, is the NFL’s meal ticket.

Even if every other game had tumbleweeds blowing through the stands, they could still make their money at the Big Event. The same Big Event where they found a new outrage to insult us with, by the ad they rejected. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

The Superbowl WAS their ‘meal ticket’. But now, all bets are off. (So to speak.)

That was certainly true BEFORE Goodell and the players put a stick in the eye of every Flag-loving American who didn’t want to get anti-American, anti-cop rhetoric crammed down our throats on game day.

And every chance we gave them to walk back their decision to protest DURING the game they doubled down instead. They couldn’t quite grasp that we said they could do whatever the hell they wanted after hours, just don’t mess with the game itself.

No, they had to talk down to us like WE  were the ones who ‘didn’t get it’.

Guess who still hasn’t figured out that WE are profit and THEY are overhead?

Here’s a hint: One gets arrested on average every 7 days.

But now they’ve even found a way to offend us even in game-day advertising.

The NFL rejected a one-page ad for the league’s Super Bowl LII program that was calling for people to “please stand” during the national anthem out of respect for veterans.

AMVETS submitted an ad with the message “Please Stand,” according to the veteran organization, who said the same ad was accepted by the NHL and NBA for their respective All-Star Game programs.
Source: Chicago Sun-Times

The vets claim ‘free speech’ should work both ways.

Can you guess what their answer is?

The NFL isn’t a place for — wait for it — a political statement.

“The Super Bowl game program is designed for fans to commemorate and celebrate the game, players, teams and the Super Bowl,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told USA Today Sports through email. “It’s never been a place for advertising that could be considered by some as a political statement. The NFL has long supported the military and veterans and will again salute our service members in the Super Bowl with memorable on-field moments that will be televised as part of the game.”
Source: Chicago Sun-Times

Here’s the ‘objectionable’ advertising:

They will pick and choose which paying sponsors can use their free speech on the Superbowl Program itself…

…but they have nothing to say about kneeling during the anthem.

Typical. In rejecting this ad, they’re actually pushing the Kneelers’ message.

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The same message that has their ratings plummetting in the first place.

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