Question: Should The HS Shooting Survivors March Against Trump Or The FBI?

Well, that was quick, wasn’t it? It almost makes one wonder if they had… help?

While some of the bodies gunned down at the Massacre on Valentine’s Day haven’t even been laid to rest, the gears of the activist machine are already whirring to life.

Nobody takes away from their grief. It’s real enough.

And their outrage. That’s real enough too.

But are the things they are demanding in their outrage even capable of delivering what they are wanting?

‘Please stop allowing us to be gunned down in our hallways,’ Emma Gonzalez, a high school senior, told Fox News. She insisted yesterday that this would be final school shooting in US history.

‘We will be the last mass shooting,’ said Gonzalez, a senior at the high school who took cover on the floor of the auditorium as a shooter rampaged through the building.

They are organizing a protest in Washington on March 24 called March For Our Lives to call for action by politicians.

Chances are the next ‘predator’ is already out there. That somebody already knows he’s a threat. That he’s on the radar of some authority or other. That the gun he would use is already in his posession.

Now go back their demands: “we will be the last school shooting”.

Ok, what change would they demand that would accomplish that goal? Because no new law would protect anyone from another shooting. No new law would keep him from acquiring what he’s already got. He passed a background check.

What now?

There have been public demonstrations. Already.

There is a march scheduled in Washington. Already.

They somehow found time to arrange all that in the midst of their grieving.

Pretty impressive if it was just a few amateurs rallying around a completely grassroots cause, huh? We’re to assume they’re not being coached or co-opted by anyone at all, are they?

And who are they marching against? Are they rallying against authorities who missed red flag after red flag after red flag? Maybe the FBI?

Watch Doug Giles speak up about how the FBI dropped the ball


They’re marching against Gun ownership. And the NRA. And Republican candidates.

Nope… that last detail is not suspicious at all, in an election year.

Watch the gungrabber rally:

What exactly will grabbing guns do?

And whenever you start bringing the NRA into this, you politicize it, and anybody who thinks that the student marches are not political is missing the point.  They are certainly political because you start bashing the NRA and blaming them — hello, politics — because what becomes the objective?  The objective becomes the NRA and gun control, not solving issues or problems like this.  Then you throw Trump into it; that’s getting political.

It’s not about solving the problem.  Does anybody think that Trump would stand in the way of school marshals or private conceal and carry or agreeing with resignations from anybody at the FBI or local police? Would he stand in the way of that?  Probably not.  Leftists, progressives, Democrats, call ’em what you want; they are opportunists, and they are playing emotional-manipulative games with anybody they can get away with it — including, I think, some of the students, millions of other people — whipping people into a frenzy for the purposes of what?

Rush Limbaugh

This guy — as well as the thug who shot up the Church, and any number of others — already had all kinds of ‘red flags’ that should have stood between him and his victims.

Twenty nine, no, 36 police visits.

FBI tips.


Known, mental health issues.

And yet the Libs have helped rally them against Republicans.

Because they care about the students, you see.

Not about the election.

No, of course not. The kids.

By the way… did you happen to see the depiction of the local Republican Candidate surrounded in Dollar signs?

It’s probably nothing.

After all. The NRA is the one injecting money into politics. NOT the #1 campaign contributor in 2016. The one who sunk millions into ‘Resistance’.


Question: Should The HS Shooting Survivors March Against Trump Or The FBI?

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