QUESTION: Why Is GWB Criticizing Trump When He Said NADA About Obama?

Dubya was quiet as America was being ‘fundamentally transformed’ by his successor, but now, he’s breaking his silence because of… President Trump?!

When President Bush’s War on Terror was followed by the refusal to say ‘Radical Islamic Terror’, he was silent.

Barry went on his ‘Apology Tour’ and Dubya was silent.

And now, George W. Bush has a whole lot to say about fellow Republican President Donald Trump.

Weird, right?

Look at that! A medical miracle!

The Obamas and the Bushes have become besties.

And it’s creepy as all get-out.

Especially if he were to realize that these are the same people that blamed him for everything and probably think that he stole the 2000 Election from Al ‘Climate Change’ Gore, Inventor of the Internet and Snake Oil Salesman Extraordinaire!

The Obamas decimated Bush’s legacy and trounced on the unity that the country had post-9/11.

Are you so over George WTF Bush?

Then wear this with pride.

Buy it now!

Ladies, get yours here.

The long silence is finally broken! We never expected it would ever happen, let alone like this! His voice was last heard about January of 2009. And from then until now, nary a peep.

Through the entire Obama presidency, not a word.

When Bush got blamed for the economy? Not a word.

When Bush got blamed for failures in Iraq? Not a word.

When Obama used Bush as a whipping boy, a screen, and a deflection from the criticism of any failure or overreach in his own administration? Not a word.

In the Trump transition, when Obama threw Israel under the bus, and pardoned every Two-Bit thug in the prison system — drug charges, weapons, charges, doesn’t matter? Not a word.

When Obama weaponized the IRS against conservatives? Not a word.

When Obama launched a war without Congressional approval? Not a word.

When Obama used the occasion of those Murdered Dallas Cops to scold us about ‘systemic racism’? Not a word.

When Obama had that hot mic moment with the Russians? Not a word.

When a crime was committed in the illegal unmasking and leaking of information relating to citizens caught in a wiretap? No comment.

But now that there’s a chance to weigh in on Trump?

Suddenly he found his voice. That’s a day late and a dollar short, Dubya. Better luck next time. But thanks for playing.

George WTF Bush.

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