Question: Should We Debate Gun Laws With People Who Eat Tide Pods?

They have serious thoughts about big issues and want their voices heard… AND need warnings not to consume detergent on a dare.

Does this make YOUR head hurt, too?

They’ve had all of five minutes to think about the issue that killed 17 of their schoolmates. And they’re planning a march.

Suddenly — and without any self-interested political body mobilizing behind them *wink wink* the students have a gun control plan that looks and sounds an awful lot like Jimmy Kimmel regurgitating Schumer’s talking points.

They’re ‘serious’. And they want to be heard.

Notice they’re not looking at the wider issues — like where the FBI dropped the ball.

Nope. Instead they’re being co-opted by the media as pawns in the endless game of politics.

The Left Uses Traumatized Kids To Push Their Gun Control Agenda – Here's My Problem With That!

The Left Uses Traumatized Kids To Push Their Gun Control Agenda – Here's My Problem With That!

Posted by with Doug Giles on Thursday, February 22, 2018

They just want to ‘stop the killing’. And the only plan they’ve got is to take guns away to save lives. And denounce NRA money, even though the NRA is a small financial player in politics — not even in the top 50 contributors.

Let’s put this in perspective.

If there was a plane crash in which 17 passengers died, would you sympathize with the survivors, and understand that a demonstration was to force political attention to an issue that was important to them? Of course.

Would you interview the various survivors about what new safety protocols, procedures or products need to be added to airframes? That would be stupid.

When the issue is engineering, it’s easy to see that it’s an intellectual problem, not an emotional one. All the crying in the world doesn’t make an idea more valid. It either solves the failure point on the crash or it doesn’t.

Why is it hard to apply this same principle to a shooting?

Becase when the issue is political — and you have politicians perfectly willing to exploit it — not only is it easy to float an emotional argument… the emotions ARE the argument.

Question: Should We Debate Gun Laws With People Who Eat Tide Pods?

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