We’ve come a long way since the days of MLK. And morons like this want us to go right back there.

Because ‘racism’.

She was invited on Tucker Carlson’s show to explain herself.

But don’t try to reason with her, because she came to ‘BE HEARD’, not to have an actual, reasonable conversation.

Hey Leftists, behold the end-game of your identity politics. This brain-dead display is the bastard child of YOUR ideology. Congrats! You have now created the very problem you claim to condemn.

THIS BLM spokesperson is now denouncing all white people (as ‘racists’ … with ZERO sense of irony).

The goal is a blacks-only party. Because, basically, white people suck.

When asked if this wasn’t racist, she went straight to her talking-points.

There was ZERO attempt to actually hear and respond to what was being said. She was just interrupting and spouting off.

Obviously, she didn’t realize she was dealing with Tucker Carlson, not Bernie Sanders, who puts up with that BS.

This little darling even declared that she’d be back on his show within a month.

As though SHE is now in charge of programming there.

What’s her next objective? Black-only water fountains? Or black seats on busses?

Such ‘progress’.

Share if this chick desperately needs a lesson in manners. And humility.

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