Pure Evil: Libs Revel In Barbara Bush’s Death On Twitter – This Is A New Low

If you still need proof that the ‘religious fervor’ of Rabid Leftist politics kills their humanity — here you go.

There’s something ghoulish about celebrating a funeral. Especially when even many of her political RIVALS acknowledged her decency and humanity.

For all the disagreements we might normally have with him, Jesse Jackson, to his credit, had some kind parting words.

The normally seething ball of rage, Cory Booker dug deep and found something nice to say.

Yes, even Obama put down his partisan axes and showed some real class on the occasion.


Many of the tributes were touching.

In particular, this one, referencing the tragic loss of her young daughter.

Not everyone was so gracious.

There was one story about a Tenured Fresno Professor who decided the occasion should be celebrated and required a certain level of profanity. (She was ‘happy’ about Mrs. Bush’s death.)

Here are some samples of the lows to which what now passes for humanity is capable:

Because this guy has the Blue Twitter check, and (judging by his bio) is actively seeking the publicity, his name is masked. If you really care that much who said it, the original tweet shouldn’t be hard to find.

But they probably ‘care deeply’ about the habitat of some animal they’ve never heard of, right?

You’re playing with fire, Leftists. You’re normalizing something far worse than mere political disagreement. Disagreement is part of life.

But blatant hatred of not just ideas, but actual people who dare disagree with you is a different matter. You’re playing a dangerous game.

Once despising a group of people is normalized, violence becomes easy. (Remember last summer’s ‘Punch a Nazi’ marches, where everyone you disagreed with got to be called a ‘Nazi’? That formula of self-justification is a little too convenient, don’t you think?)

And that’s when you become the very monster you tell yourselves you hate.

When we said ‘Evil’ we weren’t kidding.

Life’s too short. Lighten up.

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