What Priebus Told Trump, After The Access Hollywood Scandal, Was Hilariously Wrong

If anyone was still wondering why the public has been losing faith in ‘experts’, this should answer that question.

Trump is a fighter… we’ve seen that.

He’s a never-say-die kind of a guy… we’ve seen that too.

The opposition he faced from the unified front of the Democrats, the Media, and the (in many cases, paid) protesters during the run-up to Election Day are well known.

(The teary-eyed election-night meltdown those talking heads gave us STILL hasn’t gotten old.)

But we haven’t heard much about the opposition he faced from within his own ranks.

Until now.

Bannon was interviewed by 60 Minutes.

And, naturally, the election campaign came up. And Reince Priebus did not come out of it looking good.

The then-chairman of the Republican National Committee and future White House chief of staff gave Candidate Trump his politically shortsighted advice in an all-hands-on-deck campaign meeting, according to Steve Bannon.
Bannon told ’60 Minutes’ in an interview on Wednesday that Trump ‘went around the room and asked people the percentages he thought of – of still winning, and what the recommendation [was].’
‘And Reince started off and Reince said, “You have – you have two choices. You either drop out right now, or you lose by the biggest landslide in American political history”.‘ —DailyMail

According to Bannon:

Trump never forgot that comment, and never forgave it. White House staff called it Priebus’s ‘Scarlet A.H.’ moment, using the initials for ‘Access Hollywood.’
In the days after the president fired Priebus, story after story emerged from the West Wing recounting how Trump held it over his head, reminding the ‘weak, weak, weak’ manager that he had lost faith when the chips were down.

Bannon was the last one asked about Trump’s chances.

“100% chance” of winning.

There is no love lost between Bannon and Priebus. But this would shed some light on the gulf that was between them.

The moral of the story, obviously, is just because the odds are stacked against you, does not mean it’s time to quit.

Trump, rolled up his sleeves and got to work. We all remember, in that last push, how he was a campaigning MACHINE.

It paid off.

Would-be advisors to Trump should read this before they accept the job. Because he wants fighters, not people who will cave when the going gets tough.

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