Pretty Golfer Lambastes LPGA’s ‘Cleavage Elimination Program’ – Is She Right Or Ridiculous?

At least she’s got a sense of humor about it, but seriously, if she’s happy, and the male viewers love it, what’s the problem?

Paige Spiranac is both gorgeous AND wickedly talented. (Check out her trick shot video, below.)

She has men tuning in to watch her. Men who might not normally watch ladies golf. You’d think they’d be happy about a bump in ratings.


Golf shouldn’t be sexy. Or something.

According to the LPGA’s new dress code policy, players must “present themselves in a professional manner to reflect a positive image for the game.” This means that “plunging necklines” and skirts, even those with built in shorts, are would no longer be allowed. Leggings and joggers would also be banned.

Spiranac is one of the most popular female golfers known for her confident attitude, positive body image, and unique trick shots, all of which are featured in her viral videos like the one below. Read more

We’ll come back to her PERFECT response to this new dress code in a moment.

But first, here is a good look at the woman who is not going to accept this change without a fight.

Paige Spiranac:

Here’s her perfect response:


It isn’t about being ‘decent’, either.

More restrictive clothing will have an impact on her swing.

And should her success as a golfer REALLY be limited by some board’s arbitrary aesthetic preferences?

This is her livelihood. If she can’t do her proper swing, she can’t hit for distance.

And isn’t golf supposed to be about the best performance and skill?

Then why the hell are they making it about dress code?

Somebody, please put this book in the hands of whoever is responsible for this cleavage ruling. And tell them to pull their heads out, while you’re at it.”

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