‘Prestigious College’ Bans Christian Group from Freshers’ Fair Because Of This SPECIOUS ‘Reason’

If anyone should ‘know better’ it would be these guys… right? Wrong.

It’s the oldest English-speaking college in the world… dating back roughly 1000 years.

It owes its very existence to help from the Church – which at that time had not yet seen the Catholic/Protestant split. But now people hostile to the Church have hijacked the institution making its own founders unwelcome.

And, then, without the slightest hint of irony, the groups that hijacked the institution cites ‘colonization’ as one of their reasons for excluding Christians from being permitted to have a stall at the ‘Fresher’s Fair’.

As you read the report that follows, keep in mind that Balliol College is one of the campuses which, together, make up Oxford. Yes… THAT Oxford.

As reported in the Express:

Balliol College’s fair organisers said Christianity’s historic use as “an excuse for homophobia and certain forms of neo-colonialism” meant students might feel “unwelcome” if the Christian Union (CU) had a stall.

Freddy Potts, vice-president of Balliol’s Junior Common Room (JCR) committee, said the presence of a CU representative at the fair could cause “potential harm” to freshers.

He told Lucy Talbot, the College’s CU representative, their “sole concern is that the presence of the CU alone may alienate incoming students”.Express

Further explanation of the decision:

“Balliol College JCR committee took the decision to prevent Christian Union representatives from attending its freshers’ fair on the grounds that they wished the fair to be a safe and secular space.” —BBC

Which proves that the very country that gave us our modern sense of equality before the law (Magna Carta) and much of our modern understanding of religious liberty has failed to learn its own lessons.

But it’s not all bad news.

It turns out Oxford really IS still capable of feeling shame, when pressured by the public.

Balliol College said it was pleased “the students themselves have now resolved this matter” after the JCR voted to prevent any organisations being banned in future.
A college spokesman said: “The Christian Union will be offered a stall at future freshers’ fairs.
“Balliol is a tolerant, friendly college where students of all faiths and none are free to worship and express their beliefs openly.”

Christians can still get a booth.

NEXT year.

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