Powerful: Watch What This Airlines Does For Fallen Soldier And His K9

They served with honor, and for damn sure, they were welcomed home with it, too.

This isn’t a scene that usually plays out where we can see it.

But in this case, someone brought a camera. Which lets us all get to participate as an observer, if nothing else.


The honor guard greeting the casket as it rolls out onto the lift, and is placed in the flag-draped vehicle awaiting it is unusual, but — on some level — something we expected.

Even if we weren’t sure exactly what the ceremony would look like, we knew it would be something that mixed melancholy and dignity.

It was their handling of the SECOND package of remains that may surprise you.

Via 987 The River – Delta Baggage Handlers. Recorded at the airport here in Atlanta. As you watch the video, notice the number of people watching from inside the terminal. Most people have no idea Delta does this. This soldier was a K9 soldier with a dog trained to find IED’s. Yes, the second small coffin is the soldiers partner. This is a soldier and his dog who died for us. And Hats off to Delta.

He may not be a person like the rest of us, but the dog was honored for the way in which he (?) lived his life, and the service he rendered until his death.

If more people had this attitude toward our fallen soldiers, perhaps fewer outrageous lies would be told about the ones who are still with us.

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