POWERFUL: What Trump Did For This Cop Is Why NFL Whiners Loathe Him

Hey leftists — be careful when you read this. It might deep-six your ‘Trump-is-evil’ narrative.

We’ve heard the refrain so often that we can all sing along.

By now, we know the words as well as we know ‘Take Me Out To the Ballgame’. (We might use a NFL refernce if anyone were still watching it.)

Racist, sexist, anti-gay! Donald Trump is KKK!

Critics are even trying to make the problems in Puerto Rico a racially-motivated snub.

The only problem is… when people actually MEET him — even if they are not friendly to his politics — there is a pretty consistent response.

They discover that, surprise, he’s actually surprisingly charming in person.

Well, if those adjectives truly describe our President, it shouldn’t be hard to find evidence, right?

What do the one-on-one interactions look like?

Some of us remember the response when he visited the shelters full of flood victims. He looked almost like a grand-dad visiting his grandkids. There were big hugs for all the little ones.

But now we’ve got a story of a police officer that crashed while escorting the President’s motorcade.

Here is the video posted to the Indianapolis Metro Police Department Facebook page:

#BREAKING – Video of injured Officer Turner speaking with President Donald J. Trump. POTUS delayed taking off from #Indy until he was assured Officer Turner was ok and he also called and spoke with the Officer. #ThankYou

Posted by IMPD News on Thursday, September 28, 2017

The President spoke by phone with the injured cop to find out if he was ok, before letting the plane go ‘wheels up’.

And again, there was this candid moment in another instance.

Contrasted against the other Commander-in-Chief who didn’t even notice the Marines enough to return their salute, that’s pretty classy.

How is it you can treat someone so graciously at the same time as you harbor hatred for ‘brown people’? Remember, Trump was a Billionaire long before he was President.

He had plenty of time to develop ingrained habits of treating people as though they were ‘just the help’ IF that was in his nature. But that isn’t what we are seeing here, is it?

Is it possible — just possible — that the whole racism claim is a steaming pile of bull crap from beginning to end?

And if it’s not — how do we explain (1) the examples of Trump being personally gracious to people, no matter what their personal background and (2) with so many leaks in his administration — the lack of all the ‘he’s racist’ personal anecdotes?

Share if you think Trump’s interactions with his ‘subordinates’ show just how classy he really is.

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