Poor Reporter Covering Ironman Comp Didn’t Plan On This Crap Happening!

That’s just nasty. She probably figured this was just a puff piece.

Now, she has a reason to wake up screaming in the middle of the night. She did nothing to deserve that.

She was covering an Iron Man story. Not your regular Iron Man race. This one has a twist.

Run a mile. Swim a mile in the ocean, chug a six-pack of beers.

See where this is going?

You’d think she’d realize the danger she was facing when she warned the cameraman NOT to catch the ‘action’ just beside her.

She didn’t see it coming. She went to ‘cover the news’.

Not to ‘get covered’.

That’s disgusting.

Although her co-worker’s hand-over-the-face reaction was priceless.

She might ask to cover something less nasty next time. Like crime scenes, or traffic accidents.

Share if that might be contender for news blooper of the year.

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