PHOTOS: Should West Point CAN Cadet For His Anti-American Pics?

Maybe the point of West Point is LOST on this cadet. Just WHOSE interests is he there to defend?

Does anyone ELSE remember when treason was still a bad thing?

(Maybe that was before Manning’s sentence was commuted.)

What this ‘cadet’ is espousing is — quite literally — treasonous.

It wasn’t enough that this picture of him went viral:

… because, let’s face it. There are a lot of things on the internet that get ‘shopped’. Right?


But Second Lt. Spenser Rapone wanted to remove all doubt. So he gave us another picture, that there be no room for doubt where his loyalties REALLY stood.

Che merch? Really? What are you… twelve? Haven’t you heard how he would have PERSONALLY treated most nancy-boy leftists of today?

There have been some 16,000 such executions since the Castro brothers, Guevara and their merry men swept into Havana in January 1959. About 100,000 Cubans who have fallen foul of the regime have been jailed. Two million others have succeeded in escaping Castro’s socialist paradise, while an estimated 30,000 have died in the attempt.
…Che made no secret of his bloodlust: “It is hatred that makes our soldiers into violent and cold-blooded killing machines,” he wrote. —Telegraph

Communism in its various forms — under Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro and others — has literally killed MILLIONS.


And the body count issue is interesting because apologists for Communism regularly suggest that these numbers may be exaggerated. Refutations of the statistics for the Chinese famine suggest that it was closer to 10 million, rather than 45 million. This is like saying the Nazi regime has been slandered, because they killed 2 million, as opposed to 6 million, Jews. Quibbling over numbers in a passionate manner like this is the domain of Holocaust deniers, and yet with Communism, I encounter this regularly.

That doesn’t even BEGIN to mention the brave Americans who once wore that very same uniform fighting against Marxist regimes. Many of them never came home again.

If his shirt had Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Goebbels or Hermann Göring on it, would that be acceptable?

What if the message under his hat said ‘Naziism will win’, or ‘Islam will dominate the world’?

At this very moment in history, we have exactly ONE enemy promising to lob nuclear weapons our way at their earliest opportunity. And — surprise, surprise — they’re Marxist.

Which side is he cheering for? That questions matters. Because divided loyalty is NOT something we want to see in our armed forces.

Benedict Arnold was a military hero, once. Until his loyalty wavered.

We all know how that ended.

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