PHOTOS: Hurricane Victim Uses Sex Appeal To Get Power Back On – But There’s A Serious Twist

This is one girl who is not afraid to press her natural advantages to get what she’s really after.

Her wit, obviously. What did you think we meant?

Ok, those Daisy Dukes and killer curves didn’t hurt, either.

Don’t take it the wrong way, though.

This wasn’t a ‘proposition’. Nothing like that.

Like so many other Floridians, she just wanted a quick hook-up.

Uh… let’s rephrase that, so there’s no confusion.

Her power lines were down, and she wanted to get back on the grid.

As far as marketing goes, she’s got great instincts.

She’s got the bright paint. She opened with ‘Hot single’ — and BOOM, you’ve got the reader’s attention right there. (Well, the male reader’s attention, anyway.)

Not now Sean — she was really trying to fix a serious need.

Kynse Leigh, 37, was in a Tampa hospital recovering from a kidney and pancreas organ transplant when the hurricane hit her neighborhood in Fort Myers.
When she returned to find it was broken, the mother-of-one put a sign in her front yard pleading for help so that she could move back in and continue to heal from the procedure.
On Sunday, she left a sign in her front yard which read: ‘Hot sexy female seeks lineman to electrify her life.’
The message was spray painted on to a large piece of leftover plywood in hot pink. Leigh placed it in front of the fallen trees which the hurricane brought down. —DailyMail

Here she is enjoying some ice cream with her boy.

Here she was after surgery.

Leigh said she posted the sign after hearing that it could take up to two weeks for her electricity to be restored.
In ordinary circumstances, she said she would have waited her turn but because she is still recovering from the operation, she desperately needed power to be able to keep her house clean and cool enough.
‘After Hurricane Charlie, I spent two weeks without power but coming out of an organ transplant it’s a little more difficult.’
‘The heat makes me sick and just being in a clean environment is so important. You can’t keep your home clean and keep germs out without power,’ she said. —DailyMail

The help really meant a lot to her.

And yes… it worked.

Word really did get out.

The linemen gave a message of her own:

If you can’t quite make it out, it says ‘Power on due to your PPL lineman.’

Don’t you just love a happy ending?

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