PHOTO: Colin Kaepernick Dons The PERFECT T-Shirt, Epitomizing His Persona

You don’t need a ‘Caption Contest’ for this one. Kaepernick already did it for you.

TMZ caught up with unsigned Kaepernick.

They gave Mr. Activist a perfect opportunity to ‘speak out’ on his pet issue.

After all, would we REALLY be talking about the ‘take the knee’ protest if it weren’t for Colin?

But Mr. Pig Socks had nothing — NOTHING — to say.

He gave the deer-in-headlights look and he politely declined.

And he could NOT have picked a more perfect shirt for the occasion:

Yes, Colin. You certainly are.

The TMZ guy wasn’t rude. He walked up to Colin and his girlfriend as they were standing around, Colin looking at his cell.

The reporter was actually very respectful — he didn’t badger him. It wasn’t a ‘gotcha’ question. He asked for an honest opinion.

Colin stood silent. And he let his girlfriend do the talking.

(He’s going to the … to work out right now… sorry.)

Since Colin still hadn’t said anything… he asks again.

Waving his hand, Kaepernick says ‘that’s ok’.

After a few more questions…

“I appreciate the offer, but I’m not doing that today.”

And he goes back to looking at his phone.

For someone with such ‘courage of his convictions’… what happened?

When he had his shot, at the very moment the whole country — maybe the world — would have listened to his answer… he said nothing.

Why is that?

Have his convictions changed from then ’till now?

Does his girl have him ‘whipped’?

Is he still stinging from the realization that he was ALMOST signed for another year of football, but his girl had to shoot of her stupid, racist mouth?

Ray Lewis Says Ravens Were Going To Sign Kaepernick Until His Chick Tweeted This

Or are we over-thinking it? Maybe the shirt said it all.

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