These People Weren’t Careful When They ‘GOOGLED’ – The Results Are Hilarious!

Typos are the worst. Usually.

But sometimes when they show up in a Google search, they can be unexpectedly awesome.

Like Barack Obama. *Click*
No… wait. Damn.

That says Baroque.

It’s not the only Obama one, either.

Someone wanted to know if he was nice. Hit the ‘M’ by mistake.

Doing your homework? How’s that Civil Rights Cat assignment going?

No problem. I’ve got this:

There’s Trump stuff, too. But this one wasn’t even expecting Trump. Trampoline is spelled with an ‘A’.

The internet can tell you how to knit a button hole.

Close enough.

Those Tesla Cars are a big deal. Let’s look one up.

Not QUITE what I was expecting.

You know that frog meme that was so popular during the election? Pepe, wasn’t it?

The internet’s good for looking up things you don’t know. Like animals. Or foreign cultures.

Sometimes, even at the same time.

Not sure what’s worse. The typo… or that someone had already made the photoshop. Which one of you has this devious sense of humor?

Presenting: Ariana Ghandi.

Drug smuggler..? Or something. Those N and M keys are really messing with people.

And of course, Hollywood searches.

Star Trek? Kirk looks a little different than I rememeber…

Game of Thrones fan? Look up the cast.

Chris Pratt.

Nailed it. (Well, almost)

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