The ‘Patron Saint Of Feminism’ Just INSULTED Millions Of Women

Oh, Hillary! You’ve alienated the men with your claims of misogyny, are you going to turn against the women now?

In an interview with NPR’s Rachel Martin, Hillary continued blaming sexism and ‘Bernie Bros’ and the long list of others for her election loss.

But she added another reason why she didn’t clinch the woman vote and managed to insult women in the process.

Martin says that Hillary addresses the ‘forces that were at work’ against her, and then addresses the issue of young women that were not sexist, but were simply ‘not inspired’ by her message.

This is a legitimate accusation of not having an inspiring message, but just relying on the woman card.

Hillary, of course, dodges and fires back at the very women she was hoping would vote for her.

The new accusation came out as Hillary continued to push the same old blame game of sexism, citing a conversation she had with Facebook Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg, ‘the research is absolutely definitive. The more professionally successful a man is, the more likable he is; the more professionally successful a woman is, the less likable she is.

And Sheryl ended this really sobering conversation by saying that women will have no empathy for you, because they will be under tremendous pressure — and I’m talking principally about white women — they will be under tremendous pressure from fathers and husbands and boyfriends and male employers not to vote for “the girl.” And we saw a lot of that during the primaries from Sanders supporters, really quite vile attacks online against women who spoke out for me, as I say, one of my biggest support groups, Pantsuit Nation, literally had to become a private site because there was so much sexism directed their way.
Source: WNYC

Yes, Hillary just said that women — especially white women — give in to the pressure from the men in their lives.

Sure, this is another round of ‘men are sexist’, but she’s added in the ‘women don’t stand up for themselves’.


Can’t you just hear women reading this and asking Hillary:

She really thinks that women don’t make independent choices?

Millions of women do that literally every single day.

We live in a free country with free, fair elections. No man goes with a woman into that voting booth.

What the heck is she talking about?

It seems that she wanted women to vote for her because she was a woman regardless of her policy positions.

That’s insane.

It’s all just to deflect that as a candidate, she stank.

To Hillary, ‘The Patron Saint of Feminism’, success means…

– becoming a Senator because your husband was President;

– standing by the lying, cheating husband and bullying his accusers while saying that all women that make claims of sexual assault ‘deserve to be believed’;

– playing fast and loose with national security and then wonder why there’s an FBI investigation;

– blaming a YouTube video for the Benghazi attack and the lies that followed;

– using your husband’s famous name to create a foundation, influence peddle, and not give the money to the proper recipients;

– running a Presidential campaign almost exclusively on the fact that she’s a woman;

– looking to point the finger at everyone else for the election loss because taking responsibility wouldn’t be ‘feminist’;

– calling anyone that has problems with your actions or policy ‘sexist’.

Hillary, maybe it’s you.’s, Editor-In-Chief, Doug Giles how-to book:

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