PATRIOTS: Would You Like to See Sessions ARREST Hillary?

With all of the damning evidence surrounding Hillary, have the stars FINALLY aligned so that she can wear orange ALL of the time?

Let’s see what we’ve got here…

– her unsecured server that she’s never faced justice for
– the 30,000 deleted emails
– Russian ‘collusion’ including cash to the Clinton Foundation, and Bill’s Big Speech payday
– paying for the Steele dossier via Perkins Coe who then hired Fusion GPS who got the dirt from former Brit spy, Christopher Steele
– selling 20 % of our uranium to Russians
confirmation that Hillary ‘rigged’ the primary to cheat Bernie from a fair shot at the nomination

Should AG Jeff Sessions arrest Hillary?

This gives new meaning to that pathetic ‘Russian Reset’, doesn’t it?

It seemed to be a thing  for Democrats to  ‘work with’ the Russians between 2008-2016:

Maybe Hillary thought it was ok since that was just the status quo.

And then Trump ran for President, and Russia was the enemy again.

Back before these things were confirmed, waaaaay back in 2016, Democrats were upset about Hillary’s seemingly unstoppable victory over the beloved socialist, Bernie.

Flashback to July 2016:  A Bernie-friendly group wanted to arrest Hillary for ‘rigging’ the primary against Bernie.

Here was the message that they posted on their own Facebook page:


Action in Philadelphia TONIGHT
Tonight, on the last night of the DNC, we will stand together to perform a Citizens Arrest on Hillary Rodham Clinton. In PA, a felony is required to justify a Citizens Arrest.

To this, we accuse Hillary Rodham Clinton of being an accessory to the mass election fraud that took place during the 2016 Democratic presidential primary, and collusion with Democratic party officials who sought to undermine Bernie Sanders’ campaign. This was especially egregious in Philadelphia where the Democratic Party handed out ballot listings that explicitly excluded Bernie Sanders and his supporters.

We accuse Hillary Rodham Clinton for being complicit in international money laundering (through the Clinton Foundation).

We accuse Hillary Rodham Clinton of being complicit in treason by keeping sensitive state secrets on her private server, thus endangering the lives of undercover agents.

To these ends, we will march into the gates of the Wells Fargo center during her speech. Our intent is to non-violently present Hillary Rodham Clinton with a Citizens Arrest. We request that the Philadelphia Police Department, Homeland Security, and all present law enforcement agencies assist us in our Citizens Arrest. Should they choose to prevent us from carrying out the arrest, we are prepared to risk arrest ourselves.

We stand in solidarity with other concerned citizens demonstrating in Philadelphia against the criminal actions of Hillary Rodham Clinton and the failure of the Democratic Party to support the needs of the people in this city and around the United States.

If they were willing to arrest her then, now that it’s been confirmed by Donna Brazile, and actual illegal activity isn’t just an allegation, do YOU think Attorney General Jeff Sessions should move to have Crooked Hillary arrested?

PATRIOTS: Would You Like to See Sessions ARREST Hillary?

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Remind everyone you know that it was Hillary that was ‘colluding’ with Russia.

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The Real Russia Conspiracy is That Hillary and the Democrat Party Are the Real Russia Colluders

After months of lies from the left that a fake dossier contained evidence of collusion between President Donald Trump and the Russians, now we find out that the whole “report” was a false flag effort invented by an outfit bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democrat National Committee to destroy Trump’s campaign for president.

Not only that, but we’ve also found out that the real colluders were the Clintons and the Democrats.

The Washington Post revealed that the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee paid for the report that claimed that Trump was connected to Russia.

The paper reported that Marc E. Elias, an attorney working form Hillary Clinton and the DNC, hired Fusion GPS to produce the fake Russia/Trump report.

We have also discovered that the heart of the Russia/Clinton collusion was a deal to allow the Russian company Uranium One to buy a significant part of America’s uranium supply.

The investigation has revealed a whole slew of connections between the Clintons and Russia.

The bottom line?

Hillary. LOVES. Russia.

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