Pat Sajak CRUSHES Kimmel And Other Celebrities With 1 Hilarious Tweet

This. Is. Perfect.

Hollywood’s one percenters (or is it point-one percenters?) are leveraging the great success they had in leading Hillary to triumph back in November, by using their public platforms to hector us some more.

Jimmy Kimmel pimping himself as Chuck Schumer’s ventriloquist dummy is just the latest example of that trend.

Sajack tweets out the most amazing response to the Jimmy Kimmel’s angry ranting.

It was elegant in its simplicity.

Sajack often weighs in on Hollywood and their obsession with politics. He doesn’t have a lot of patience for their ‘moral superiority’.

Because really, that’s what they’ve all degenerate into. Even the MTV awards people noticed that the politics have gotten over the top.

As though to prove his point, the guy who wrote the biggest grossing horror flick of all time — the one raking in obscene profits right now — has some ‘concerns’ about violence.

I wonder where King will be donating all his profits? Perhaps to the GofundMe campaign that is being raised for the victims in Vegas?


He hit all the ‘I’m moving to Jupiter’ (Cher) or ‘Spain’ (Handler) or ‘elsewhere’ anti-Trumpers.

Mocked the stupidity of rioting because you didn’t like the vote while chanting ‘this is what Democracy looks like’.

Remember when CNN got busted having to fire people for running fake anti-Trump stories?

Hey Acosta — we’re pretty sure he means you, here.

Have you thought about what makes Sajack so different from the other big-name Hollywood people?

His job had him surrounded by ordinary people from around America.

But the so-called ‘A-listers’ gazillionaires have security to keep those same people away from them, as they stay sequestered in the Hollywood bubble.

Gee, do you think that has an impact on perceptions?

Sajack is no Hollywood lemming. Way to go Pat.

You’d probably love the book launch. You both have the same badass spirit.

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