Parkland High School’s Security Guard Ran Like A Chicken – This Is Truly Revolting

On 9/11 we saw what heroes look like. On Valentine’s Day, we saw a coward.

On 9/11, lives were saved by people with no regard for the risks they themselves were taking.

On Valentine’s day, the only guy with a gun on site made a radio call and sat tight.

While unarmed students and teachers showed far more heroism and self-sacrifice than the only guy with the ability to shoot back cowered like a child.


Imagine if the coach who threw his own body in front of his students had that cowardly deputy’s firearm? He might have stopped the attack cold. He may even have saved his own life in the process, rather than being forced to sacrifice and forfeit it to save the students. (And that’s the whole point of concealed carry, isn’t it?)

Imagine if the JROTC kids, like hero Peter Wang, or fast-acting Colton Haab who took the KEVLAR mats and used them to protect students seeking cover had that same weapon.

‘Kids’ or not, their proven heroism shows they might have been able to take down the shooter.

They certainly wouldn’t have done any worse than the guy whose entire job description was “run toward danger when everyone else is running away”.

This deputy was a 33 year veteran of the force.

Scot Peterson resigned in disgrace on Thursday, after he was chewed out by his sheriff, Scott Israel, for failing to engage with the shooter in the deadly massacre.

Jeff Bell, president of the Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association, contacted him, and reports that he’s ‘distraught’.

News flash, Peterson. YOU are not distraught. Seventeen shattered families… numerous wounded… untold traumatized kids who will wake up for the rest of their lives with nightmares… THEY are distraught.

YOU are having an attack of conscience. As you should be.

This is, and ought to be a decision that haunts you the rest of your miserable life. You were happy enough to cash the paycheck, but when the chips were down, the one time it really counted, you chose YOUR life over theirs.

The people who blamed Rubio and Loesh and the NRA for having blood on their hands are pointing in the wrong direction.

He believed he did a good job calling in the location, setting up the perimeter and calling in the description (of Cruz),’ Bell said.

While Bell says he doesn’t want to second-guess Peterson’s decisions, he suggested that his failure to engage with the shooter was a mistake.

We have to act, even if that means risking our lives to save many many more lives. I would demand that from our union members,’ Bell said. ‘You’re listening to an execution every time you hear the rifle shot.’

Peterson was a 33-year veteran of the police force. He had worked as a school resource officer at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School since 2009. His base annual salary would have been $75,673.72, but with longevity and first-responder bonuses, he was probably making closer to $80,000, Bell said.
Source: DaiyMail

But now that reporters are wanting answers?

HE is getting police protection.

Reporters who attempted to approach the West Palm Beach home of ex-Broward County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Scot Peterson were reportedly met with resistance from at least six police officers who were standing guard outside.

“They prevented us from approaching the house,” WSVN’s Frank Guzman tweeted Thursday.

We sent @BrianEntin to BSO Deputy Scot Peterson’s Boynton Beach home to try and talk to him about his resignation today. Were met by 6 @PBCountySheriff deputies standing guard outside his home. They prevented us from approaching the house.
Source FoxNews

How disgustingly ironic is that?

Funny how we didn’t see those same officers ‘protecting’ Rubio from being held accountable to the public. But here they are, ‘protecting’ Peterson from being held to account.

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Since CNN loves hearing the voice of the victimized Students… here’s one:

Student Jenna Jorsten told WSVN that she was “in shock” Peterson stayed outside — especially after learning of unarmed teachers and students risking their lives to save others.

“If he’s the one with a gun, he should be the one out there with the gun trying to protect the kids,” she said. “Why was he hiding outside? It just makes no sense to me whatsoever. I mean it just doesn’t make sense to me at all.”
Source FoxNews

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