PARENTS: Here’s WHY You Should Monitor Your Kid’s Social Media – This Is TERRIFYING

UPDATE: Heaven Ray Cox has been found!

The missing teen’s mother jubilantly reported on Facebook that her daughter was found and a reminder that there are other missing children out there.

‘The residence where Heaven was located belonged to a relative of a person that was known by Heaven,’ the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

‘Preliminary reports are that Heaven left her residence last Saturday on her own accord, but we will continue to speak to all persons involved. We have not ruled out pending criminal charges,’ the statement said.
Source: Daily Mail

Thank God she’s safe and back with her family.

This family will still need lots of prayer and support.

It’s so important to know what your kids are up to in this crazy world of ours.

Make sure that you’re keeping tabs on them.

And tell them you do because you love them. When they’re older they’ll understand.

Step 1: Hug your kids. Step 2: Read this article. Step 3: Check their phone.

A Mauriceville, Texas family is concerned that missing 15-year old Heaven Ray Cox is with a predator she met on Snapchat.

The teen, much like others her age, normally sleeps in late on weekends, but when her parents went to check in on her, she was gone.

The family of a 15-year-old girl who has been missing since Sunday fear she may be with a much older man she met on Snapchat…

…They now fear she may have been abducted or ran away by a man she met on social media, the Beaumont Enterprise reports.

Police were notified of her disappearance on November 26 and are working to assess the potential connection with the unidentified predator.

Heaven’s mother, Tammy, is concerned that she’s gone to California. Her daughter suffers from bipolar disorder, and may not be on her medication.

The distraught mother posted a message on Facebook:

She wrote: ‘The man she has been talking to is a predator, who has apparently been manipulating her for some time, and in her current state of mind, she believes that he is her friend.

‘She left a goodbye note to me and her Dad, and said that she wouldn’t have a phone, so I’m sure he has taken it from her, as it isn’t here, and I have torn her room apart. She is off her meds and is in a manic phase of bipolar disorder.

‘I am asking everyone to share this to their wall, and particularly those who live in California and every state between there and Texas.

‘This man told her that he would be in San Antonio for Thanksgiving and that he would pick her up.’
Souce: Daily Mail

San Antonio is 4.5 hours from Mauriceville.

Police say that a note that was left indicates that the teen may be headed to California. Her passport is also missing.

How devastating.

Let’s hope this pretty, young lady is found soon and unharmed.

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