OUCH: The Numbers Are In For The Trump-Hating Emmys And They’re BRUTAL

Maybe Colbert is wishing he didn’t do that bit mocking Trump’s audience size.
… now that he sees how badly the awards show sucked.

How many Americans in that ‘tiny sliver of America’ wedged between New York and LA even realized that there was another one of those awards shows last night?

Not the good ones where they give out sports trophies. The pretend ones where they give awards for being the most pompous, preening airhead. Or for being the most seething ball of political venom. Or other Hollywood-type awards.

But enough about Steven Colbert.

How does Hollywood top a breathtakingly-bad box office summer?

Dear Jennifer: Trashing Trump Didn’t Help Your New Movie – It Was Your WORST Opening Ever!

LMAO: Anti-Trump Actor’s New Movie Sells ONE TICKET on Opening Day

“Hollywood Is About to Post Its Worst Summer Box Office in Recent Memory” – Fortune

By setting records in how few people turn in to see the Emmy awards.

Sorry, Colbert nobody really cares. Maybe because your schtick is badly in need of Viagra.

Thought about that one, what… thirteen seconds, didja?

How is it even possible that we not all rolling on the ground in stitches?

Scroll back up to the Dear Jennifer headline, there may be a clue in there somewhere.

Last night was yet-another ratings flop for Hollywood’s Beautiful People. As of now it looks as though fewer than 11.3 million viewers tuned in to watch host Stephen Colbert’s hate-fest. That would mean the 69th Emmy telecast had fewer viewers than last year’s 68th, which currently holds the all-time low ratings record.
…This news, of course, comes just days after the ratings for the MTV Awards hit their own record low.
…Hollywood is a total liability to its own cause.
As awful as the Republican Party is — and it is awful — America looks at bigoted freaks like Colbert and cannot imagine putting such flaming hatred and intellectual incoherence in charge of the country. One Obama was enough.

For all the gazillionaire smart guys that are bankrolling the Leftist machine, they haven’t got a clue what they’re doing wrong.

Not that we really want them to learn from their mistakes anyway.

These raging, terrorist-supporting, spittle-flecked, mean-spirited multi-millionaires are the Democrat Party’s worst nightmare come to life, the most unappealing spokespeople imaginable. —Breitbart

Learn from their mistakes. Ha!

This crowd will think it’s OUR insufferable willingness to bend the knee to every faddish fever-dream Hollywood kicks out that’s responsible for every problem — real or imagined — in the first place.

And they will continue to rage at us.

And we will continue to ignore them.

Until one by one, the spotlights wink out.

And they’re standing onstage.


In the dark.

Wondering what went wrong.

Hey guys — whoever is the last one to leave, lock up, would ya?

And grab yourself a copy of this.

It’ll help you figure out how to cope in the real world.

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