Oscar Winner And Accused Rapist, Kobe Bryant, Slams Laura Ingraham – The Internet Puts Him On Full Blast

In a year focused on MeToo and Time’sUp, look who they decided to give an award to.  What, was Weinstein unavailable?

Here he is getting his award. And throwing digs at Conservatives.

Mark Hamill was VERY excited to call out Kobe’s name.

Yell, would be more accurate. He was practically fangirling.


The first guy gave a pretty traditional thank-you. But Kobe couldn’t help but twist the knife.

He brought out the ‘Shut up and dribble’ reference Laura Ingram dropped on ‘King James’. Of course, Kobe either didn’t understand what was meant by it, or just twisted it to make it mean whatever he wanted it to say. (The original comment was covered here.)

But throwing out digs while he was taking this award in the MeToo year? That wasn’t too bright. He might wish he had stayed home, and let the other guy accept it on his behalf.

It made people stop and think about his own history.

These same people who get upset about someone bragging to another guy on a hot mic seem to be awfully forgiving of a basketball player who faced rape charges.

And even after the victim refused to testify, nobody contested the bruises on her neck.

But hey, he’s a Basketball socialite. Practically ‘royalty’, right? All is forgiven. Besides, he’s a liberal. So it’s ok.

Social media saw it differently.

And here it is in a nutshell:

Jimmy Kimmel hosted, right? And he tends to have a lot to say about ‘feminism’ and ‘metoo’, doesn’t he? Especially if he can weaponize it against Trump. And we’ve seen him at basketball games, including the clip where Fergie butchered the anthem.

If anyone happened to watch the awards, did Kimmel remind the crowd about Kobe’s MeToo moment?

If not, why not?

He wouldn’t be a partisan hack using his fake feminism as a political prop, would he?

Nah, of course not.

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