Oops: Elizabeth Warren Says She ‘Believes In Science’ – The Internet Instantly Incinerates Her

Pocahontas thought she was roasting The President. The Internet thought differently.

She ‘believes in science’ she says.

It was a poke at Trump — because that’s what she does.

One of his tweets.

(Because anything he Tweets, gets in their heads. They have no choice but to react to it.)

Let’s have a look at what she was reacting to.

She couldn’t resist. She took the bait:

She did NOT think this through.

She is so used to the campaign rhetoric, and the ad-hominem attacks on her political rivals, she’s spouting bumper-sticker slogans without giving thought to how this could *possibly* backfire.

Not to worry. The Internet was quick to provide that thought FOR her.


With heavy doses of sarcasm.

And while some took the direct approach, they didn’t even need to acknowledge her attempt to start a debate about Climate Change.

Becuase she left herself WIDE open by citing ‘science’.

A few examples:

Remember how she got that nickname of ‘Pocahontas’?  — The ultimate ‘fake it until you make it’ (into Harvard). It didn’t take long for that to come up.

She uses that voice a lot, doesn’t she?

It would be so easy to prove her critics wrong. But, high cheekbones or not, she hasn’t. Gee, why not? It’s a real head-scratcher.

This one got personal:

But that wasn’t the only thing she got tagged with. #MeToo

This one will hurt worse than an ‘Indian burn’. (Or whatever we call it now that the world’s turned PC.)

She also got called on the carpet for her Intersectional Feminism (a.k.a.Identity Politics)

So much for finding comfort from the LGBT crowd, either. Here she is getting slammed … by a bisexual. “Et tu, Ten?”

Someone made a similar comment — this one was entirely gloves-off.

Speaking of ‘science’ and ‘morals’ and children… how could they NOT weigh in on the obvious elephant in the room:

Some of the climate pushback asked whether focussing on recent decades is skewing our perspective:

Even their replies had ‘science’ built in:

But of course, they’ll still be called anti-scientific (read: ‘dangerous heretic’) simply because they question current political semi-religious orthodoxy.

Wow. That graph looks pretty science-y. Maybe she believes that, too.

And if Pocahontas REALLY wanted to put her money where her mouth is, someone gave her a suggestion… not that she’d ever suggest we act on it.

She’s not here looking at solutions. She just wants to exploit problems — both real and imagined — as a path to power.

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