OMG! This Is One Of The BEST Anti-NFL, Pro-Trump, Videos Online Right NOW

Say it Loud and Proud, bro, that was awesome!

Dang! This dude has no time or patience for ANY of that NFL foolishness.

(And that belly-laugh of his is absolutely intense!)

He got right to it, didn’t he?

He didn’t wast any time.

He started out so mellow.. for about the first twelve seconds or so.

And then he lets loose.


You know that ‘get that Son-of-a-bitch off the field’ line?

That’s where he starts. But it is NOT where he finishes.

Best quote of the clip has got to be:

“Boy! President Trump Ain’t No Punk!”

Then he turns his attention to the players.

He lets them have it with both barrels.

He’s getting really wound up — has to backtrack before he says those badwords™ a couple of times.

But in his working-class homespun way, he tells them EXACTLY why they need to ‘stand your ass up’ for the flag and respect what’s going on.

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