OMG! Bono Makes GOOFIEST Charge Against Trump To Date – I Think He Out Did Rosie!

Realy Dude? Have you been watching too many reruns of old 80’s cartoons?

Sure, you tried to dress it up in language of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. but the way you say it, sounds like you’re borrowing from He-Man Masters of the Universe.

Does he really envision Trump standing in the Oval office shouting…

‘By The Power of Greyskull!’

Watch Bono tell us, in an interview, that Trump is somehow ‘bending the moral arc of the universe’.

What a singularly powerful man Bono assumes Trump must be!

You’ve had the same sort of disaffection in the United States with the rise of a new kind of constituency, people on the both left and right who have lost faith in political process, the body politic, in political institutions. These sentiments are easily played and manipulated by the likes of Donald Trump. In a world where people feel bullied by their circumstance, sometimes people fall prey to a bully of their own. Lots of people around me, both conservative and liberal, feel that this is one of those defining moments in their life and in the storied life of their country. After the election, some people on the left were almost grieving I’d say and when I try to understand this, I realized there was a kind of mourning, a mourning for innocence that was lost.

For the first time in many years, maybe in our lifetime, the moral arc of the universe, as Dr. King used to call it, was not bending in the direction of fairness, equality and justice for all. The baseness of political debate, the jingoism, the atavistic fervor of Trump’s verbiage reminded us that we were dreaming if we thought evolution applied to consciousness. Democracy is a blip in history and it requires a lot of focus and concentration to keep it intact. —Rolling Stone

Specifically Trump.

Not Maduro — whose citizens are eating animals out of the zoo, and starving like people once did in besieged cities.

Not North Korea, where ‘RocketMan’ is also starving his people, but somehow has enough cash for a thriving nuclear program.

Not any of the countries mentioned by the Borgen Project for human rights violations.

Of the 197 countries of the world, there are 20, including three territories, considered to be the most societally repressive. Burma, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Libya, North Korea and Sudan are at the top of the global list for countries that are among the worst abusers of human rights. To be deemed an abuser of human rights, civil liberties and political rights are the violations assessed, and these particular countries mentioned above have concurrently been on such lists in the previous years.

The consummate leftist is shockingly in support of the American hard left.

Despite the rise of Antifa. Despite the Left’s antagonism to free speech.
Despite their bully tactics for people who even remotely disagree with them.
Despite the left’s campaign against traditional Christianity — despite Bono claiming to — himself — be Christian.

Trump, on the other hand, has reaffirmed the rights of Christians that Obama tended to ignore.

One fascinating explanation, [for why so many Christians supported Trump] proffered repeatedly during conversations with evangelicals over the past year, is that they identify with Trump because both he and they have been systematically targeted in the public square—oftentimes by the same adversaries. This explains why Trump, speaking last week to the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s annual gathering in Washington, offered an extraordinary sentiment in pledging to support the evangelical community.

“We’re under siege. You understand that,” the president said. “But we will come out bigger and better and stronger than ever.” —Politico

He has DIMINISHED the centralization of power in the White House.
He has DIMINISHED regulations.
He is DIMINISHING his own powers to that which is defined by the Constitution.

Wow. Pretty scary stuff.

Feel the Universe Tremble.

Truly Trump is a Master of the Universe.

Behold, the ‘power’ of Greyskull.

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