It’s Official: She’s Delusional – Look Who HRC Compares Herself With And Try Not To LYAO

The more she runs that mouth, the more we realize how big a bullet we dodged by not having ‘President’ HRC.

Not only is everyone in the planet (except herself) — and probably a number of people in some undiscovered world as well Personally responsible for her not getting elected…

Not only is Hillary Clinton just floated the possibility of contesting the 2016 election

Now she’s delusional:

THIS is the would-be President?
Where did she get her history lessons… Bugs Bunny?

Remember that episode where Bugs Bunny was teaching his nephew the ‘real’ American history?

In the third segment, Bugs explains to Clyde about the Boston Tea Party. The King is seen approaching a worker in the Royal Tea Warehouse in Boston. With a box of hardware tacks in hand, he orders the worker to “Spread these tacks on the Colonist’s tea”. When the worker explains: “But Your Majesty, these are carpet tacks”, the King dumps the tacks all over the place in a fit of insanity and exclaims: “Well, they’re tea tacks now!” and exits, laughing all the way. Bugs explains to Clyde that the Colonists refused to drink their tea with tacks and that’s how the Army was formed.
In the fourth segment, George Washington gets a letter in the mailbox, opens it and exclaims: “Gadzooks! I’ve been drafted!” He is then seen racing off on horseback to the Candy Shoppe, where he says to Martha that she’ll have to look after the candy stores alone, while he’s off to fight the war. He then races off screen, yelling “Charge!” –Wiki

How sad is it that Bugs Bunny has a better grasp of American history than the woman who came *this* close to being the 45th President?

If she’s going to invoke warnings about Russia, she won’t mind if we look into her OWN Russian connections, will she?

Like this piece that hammered her, and lists a whole lot of uncomfortable facts she might not want us talking about:

Yo, CNN: Hillary Sided With Russia On Sanctions As Bill Made $500K For Speech In Moscow — Is That News?

Nah. She’s a Saint. And misunderstood.

Just ask CNN. They’ll tell ya.

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