Obama Says, ‘Our Values Are Not Being Upheld’ In Trump’s America – We Say, ‘Good!’

What could the guy who went on that ‘apology tour’ possibly know about ‘American Values’?

Obama is just mad that those revolutionary ‘fundamental changes’ he tried to cram down America’s throat triggered our collective gag reflex.

If Hillary’s looking for an ‘answer’ the question of ‘what happened’?

Aside from her being pretty much the most polarizingly bad candidate her side could possibly have fixed the results for, that’ s a pretty good answer.

We got sick of Democrats and their fundamental change. It was time to…

But now, we have Obama —

…who talked about ‘bitter clingers’…

… whose AG was held in contempt of Congress…

… who regularly exceeded executive authority, even bragging about his pen and his phone…

… who stood before the world and blamed Benghazi on some hapless no-account American filmmaker, when he knew that was a lie…

… who used the occasion of the prayer Breakfast to invoke the Crusades, the Inquisition, and ‘terrible things done in the name of Christ …

… who weaponized the IRS against his political rivals…

… he was pictured in a photo with Louis “Powerful Jews are my enemy” Farrakhan!

THAT guy is telling us about what is — and is not — ‘anti-American’?

That’s pretty rich.

What the hell would he know about ‘American values’? We’ve got no evidence that HE holds any.

“I worry when our values are not being upheld,” he said. Obama added, “Our democracy, just like any organization, can’t work if, for example, we don’t insist on facts. Like, facts are really useful. We can’t make good decisions if we don’t at least agree on the facts.”

Source: DailyCaller

Insist on facts?

THAT’S the card you’re really going to play?

He watched his own party Rig the primaries so that Hillary could become the nominee, and he pretends to care about ‘democracy’?

He looked into the camera and lied to the world about Benghazi, and he dares invoke ‘facts’?

Ben Rhodes bragged about how he had know-nothing journalists eating out of the palm of his hand, how he turned the media into his own ‘echo chamber’ and he dares invoke ‘facts’?

He wouldn’t know an objective fact if one slapped him upside that smug grin of his.

He had eight years of the sycophantic press telling him how wonderfully great he was. And sadly, he’s come to believe them.

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