Obama Compares Trump to Hitler – He Also SLAMS The U.S. With This Side Jab

And there it is. We knew he’d invoke ‘Trump is Hilter’ sooner or later. But, predictably, he had to throw America under the bus with him.

At least he’s consistent.

Obama spoke to a crowd in his adopted hometown of Chicago. It was standing room only.

And he threw out red meat to his partisan audience.

Oh. We’re sliding down that road, are we?

And what does that say about the public that voted for him?

Did ‘bitter clingers’ and ‘basket of deplorables’ not alienate ENOUGH voters, you had to poke some more with a stick?

There are a lot of problems with that line of thinking. But one in particular.

Trump is actively DECENTRALIZING Executive and Federal powers, returning authority and ownership to their prescribed Constitutional boundaries.

But YOU? You had a ‘pen and a phone’ and refused to let trifling things like the Separation of Powers get in the way of your objectives.

But keep telling yourself it’s TRUMP that’s the evil one.

By now, you might even have yourself convinced. But the rest of us know better, Mr. ‘Not even a smidgen of corruption’.

But hey, whatever helps you sleep at night.


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