Obama Compares Being Gay With These Great U.S. Achievements – Is He Cuckoo?

If you’re ‘born that way’ how is being gay an accomplishment? What do you think the Founders would say about this B.S.?

Do you think that the Founding Fathers would agree with Obama about the achievements of the LGBT movement in America? Or do you think that they would be horrified at his comments?

Obama named a gay bar in NYC a national monument this week. The Stonewall Inn was the site of some gay riots in the late 1960’s and a place some credit with starting the gay rights movement. It’s absurd enough that the President of the United states would designate a bar where men hook up with other men as a national treasure, but where he sees this house of sodomy fitting into American history is downright ridiculous.

In his weekly address, Obama vastly overstated the importance of this gay bar:

The story of America is a story of progress. It’s written by ordinary people who put their shoulders to the wheel of history to make sure that the promise of our founding applies not just to some of us – but to all of us.

In the address, he mentions some great achievements in American history and the struggle for freedom from tyranny at the heart of our founding:

– farmers and blacksmiths who fought for revolution
– immigrants that crossed oceans
– women’s pushing for voting rights
– the moon landing
– the civil rights movement

He says that we can mark some of these places as ‘hallowed ground’ to honor the events that occurred there:

– Independence Hall
– Gettysburg
– Seneca Falls
– Kitty Hawk
– Cape Canaveral

And the Stonewall Inn where men would seek other men to have sex with when sodomy was still illegal.

This is obviously on par with the end of slavery and man stepping on the moon.

Obama and the liberals love to say that our Founding Fathers could have never envisioned modern firearms so therefore the 2nd Amendment doesn’t apply. This is utter bullshit, but one thing is for certain: our Founding Fathers could have never envisioned same sex marriage, acceptance of openly gay behavior, and transgender bathrooms. For him to imply that our country was founded on a principal of homosexuality is one of his bigger lies.

Now here’s where the president compares gays to the brave patriots who fought for our freedom and founded this country:

Farmers and blacksmiths who chose revolution over tyranny. Immigrants who crossed oceans and the Rio Grande. Women who reached for the ballot, and scientists who shot for the moon. The preachers, and porters, and seamstresses who guided us toward the mountaintop of freedom.
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That. Is. Utter. Insanity.

Do You Think That The Founding Fathers Would Agree With Barry?

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You can watch the full weekly address below:

So, a gay bar that was the place for men to ‘hook up’ with other men is a National Monument, and according to Obama, ‘hallowed ground’.

Sorry, but that’s so gay.

Newsweek dubbed Barry the first gay President — was he?

Watch this before you answer:

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