Now The FBI Is Going After Ivanka – Here’s The Ridiculous Details


Did you get your fill of news of the stupid anti-Trumpism by the Washington swamp rats? Here — this should keep you going for a while.

The FBI is now scrutinizing Ivanka Trump’s financial ties to the Trump Tower in a foreign country.

Is it Russia?




It’s Canada.

Oh, yes, kiddies. The FBI is curious as to her financial ties to Canada.

FBI counterintelligence officials are scrutinizing Ivanka Trump‘s financial ties to the Trump Tower in Vancouver,Canada.

Two sources familiar with the issue told CNN agents are looking into the deal involving the Trump International Hotel and Tour in Vancouver – which has an Ivanka-branded spa.

This new probe comes as the president’s eldest daughter and senior adviser is attempting to obtain full security clearance for her position at the White House.

And obviously, they’re so very concerned with who it is they permit to have security clearance…

Here’s the thing — the Trump Tower in Vancouver isn’t owned by the Trump organization despite having the same name.

The 616-foot Vancouver complex opened in February 2017, just after President Trump took office.

It is not owned by the Trump organization, despite baring the family name, but by Malaysian real estate heir Joo Kim Tiah.

The Trump organization gets paid licensing fees for Tiah to use the name.

The organization instead receives licensing and marketing fees from Tiah, who runs his family’s Canada-based development company Holborn Group.

The Vancouver tower cost $360million to development and includes 147 guest rooms and 217 luxury residences. Once opened it quickly became a magnet for foreign buyers, CNN reported.

And now because the Trump Tower is in Vancouver, it’s raised some ‘red flags’ over foreign money.


So, paying a licensing fee to use the Trump name means that Ivanka is somehow under foreign influence from… Canadians?

But the flow of foreign money from the developer or international condo buyers could also the cause of the scrutiny.

Investigations into foreign contacts and business deals are standard in background checks of the nature Ivanka is currently undergoing.

Ivanka played a key role in securing the deal with Tiah in 2013, and the two are reportedly the people who had the most responsibility in hammering out the negotiations surrounding the project.

‘Ivanka and myself approved everything, everything in this project,’ Tiah recalled at the 2015 launch.

So, this the deal was being negotiated in 2013 — before President Trump had launched his bid for President, this deal was in the works.

And it’s suddenly problematic.

A spokesperson for Ivanka’s ethical counsel disputes any ‘red flags’.

CNN spreading ‘fake news’?

Imagine that!

CNN is wrong that any hurdle, obstacle, concern, red flag or problem has been raised with respect to Ms Trump or her clearance application,‘ Peter Mirijanian said in a statement to CNN.

Nothing in the new White House policy has changed Ms Trump’s ability to do the same work she has been doing since she joined the Administration.

Executive vice president and chief legal officer for the Trump organization Alan Garten told the outlet the company has only been involved with brand licensing, and not financing or sale of units.

Source: Daily Mail

These swamp rats are never going to rest, are they?

They’ve got to take down the whole family.

Is it just me or is the FBI starting to sound like Rep. [Mad] Maxine Waters (D-CA)?

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