Norway’s Immigration Minister Drops BRUTAL Truth Bomb About Muslim Immigration

Whoa! You know that THIS is going to get people really upset…

Norway’s Immigration Minister has said that the increasing frequency of terror attacks in Europe has caused greater sympathy for Israel.

Sylvi Listhaug spoke to Ynet News and said that the Europe is facing the same fear that Israel has experienced for decades.

“We are experiencing now the fear that you have experienced for decades,” said Sylvi Listhaug in an exclusive interview with Ynet in Oslo. “Many people now understand the situation you live in. We see what is happening in Sweden, in Britain, and in France.”

Norway, once labeled by conservative Norwegian historian, Hanne Nabintu Herland, the most ‘anti-Semitic country in the West’ seems to be changing its tune in the wake of numerous European terror attacks.

The rise in migrants entering Europe from war-torn (and not-so war-torn) countries in the Middle East has also played a role.

Since taking office, Listhaug has cracked down on illegal immigration into the Scandinavian country by adopting stringent policies that have resulted in just 1,000 illegal migrants entering the country in 2017 from 30,000 in 2015.

According to Listhaug, her Progress Party, which governs in a coalition with the Conservative Party, is a staunch supporter of Israel.

It seems that Norway is beginning to understand that there is a difference in the values of many migrants and the Western societies they are fleeing to.

“People have been murdered because they have expressed their opinion like (what happened with) Charlie Hebdo,” she highlighted in reference to the French satirical magazine that was firebombed in 2011 for publishing a cartoon of Mohammad and was then the target of an brutal attack by two radical Muslim brothers in 2015 in which 12 people were massacred.

“It’s the new norm,” Listhaug concluded, “for Europeans to impose limits on freedom of speech in order to avoid offending minorities.”
Source: Ynet News

Do you think that the increasing number of terror attacks in Europe has caused the anti-Semitic leftists to finally understand what the lone democracy in the Middle East has been facing since its inception?

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