NFL Dude Wears ‘Everybody Vs. Trump’ Shirt To Game – Look What He Did During The Anthem

Not exactly the ‘Badass’ his shirt might make him out to be, is he?

If his shirt is any indication, the guy can trash-talk for miles.

But when it came time to put up or shut up?

The dude weaseled out.

His name is Marshawn Lynch.

You might remember the SNAFU bar’s NFL protest that lived up to its name when he picked two jerseys to use as doormats for his establishment.

He didn’t stop to realize that Lynch and Kapernick were side-by-side… making it look like a suggestion. (Oops.) So he switched the order of the jerseys.

Here Lynch reminds us why HIS jersey was one being used as a doormat in the first place.

Alright let’s break this down. Lynch walked out wearing the Trump vs the World shirt.

Bold message, right?

Hold that thought.

Athanasius Contra Mundum‘ Lynch is NOT.

When it came time to stand for what he believes — or whatever — this ‘big man’ was literally cowering behind someone else.

During the Anthem, these photos were taken:

Clever guy that he is, he figured out a way to take attention away from his stupidity.

He sucked as badly on the field as he has in his public relations. Maybe he’s not really someone worth looking up to.

Hey Marshawn, pretty clever. But we’re not sure how long you can keep that strategy going before it bites you in the ass. You are actually paid to play football, after all.

If your ‘PROTEST’ is so embarrassing that you don’t want anyone to actually see you do it, that means one of two things.

Either you don’t really believe in it.

Or you are a coward.

Of course, the answer to that question might even be ‘both’.

Maybe he should figure out what he really believes before he starts ‘taking a stand’.

And if he’s just a coward without convictions, he might want to fix that.

Here’s a good place to start:

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