NBA Makes A CONTROVERSIAL Edict Regarding The Anthem – Does This Surprise You?

Right call or wrong call? They wanted the league to be ‘on the same page’ on the controversial issue, and obviously, no answer could have pleased everyone.

That’s the problem when issues become polarized — there is no easy way to reconcile the warring groups.

They had to make SOME kind of a decision so they could ‘stay ahead of the issue’, rather than try to pick up the pieces after it becomes a free-for-all like it did in the WTF…

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no, wait… that’s what WE call them. They go by ‘NFL’ … or something like that.

So rather than waiting until they are being openly mocked by their own fans (see above) the NBA made an official announcement.

Oh, wait: that should say ‘before they are mocked more than they ALREADY are’.

(Right Lebron?)

On one hand, they tried to be supportive of any desire to show support for the underlying cause (however ambiguous that might be).

The NBA sent a memo out to all 30 teams Friday that both offered several ways that teams can continue to create dialogue with their players and the community about the protest movement that has spread across the sports world, and reinforced the rule that players and coaches must stand for the national anthem. —Washington Post

On the other hand, the league has made it clear that they don’t want to be hit with the same kind of outrage the fans have hit them with.

But the memo also reiterated what NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said Thursday in New York during his news conference at the end of the league’s meetings this week: that there is a league rule stating that players, coaches and trainers must stand for the national anthem, and that he expects that rule to be followed when the season starts Oct. 17.

“We have a rule that requires our players to stand for the anthem,” Silver said Thursday. “It’s been our rule for as long as I’ve been involved with the league, and my expectation is that our players will continue to stand for the anthem.”

That rule has been in place for decades, and was originally intended to ensure players weren’t shooting or stretching while the anthem was being played before a game. But in the current climate, it comes under greater scrutiny. —Washington Post

So — what do you think?

Did they manage to thread the needle? Or are they just going to piss off people on both sides?

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