National School Walkout: FL Shooting Spurs Protests Today – Should We Listen To Tide Pod Eaters?

Oh look, kids are skipping school. Does this mean it’s time to set fire to the Constitution?

On the one-month anniversary of the Parkdale school shooting, students are staging a walkout for seventeen minutes at 10 am in each time zone.

It’s intended to achieve maximum impact throughout the day, and get ongoing coverage throughout various time zones, rather than a single-shot event that might get overshadowed by other events of the day.

Which is to say, this is totally staged by poltical operatives who are using these kids as a means to an end.

We usually call such people demeaning terms like ‘vultures’ or ‘ambulance chasers’.

On a day like today, they’re ‘activists’ and ‘Media’.

How, exactly, are we supposed to react to this walkout?

The way we are ‘supposed’ to react is to be swept up in emotion and sympathy for the victims and demand that something change, ideally signing on to every last demand made by the anti-gun lobbyists.

They had organized into a movement within a day or two. They had the backing of big players.

The big leftist machine was humming in no time flat.

“Never let a crisis go to waste’.

That TownHall was an embarrassing disgrace. But it served exactly the purpose they wanted. Set up the narrative. Define the heroes, (anti-gun lobbiests) the villains (the NRA and allied politicians) and the Big Objective (gun ‘control’).

The voices on the right, however, were not elevated to the same levels of prominence.

There are even reports of school administrators INSISTING that kids go out for this demonstration, whether the kids want to or not.

This would amount to yet another sick use of children as political props to silence dissent… the whole point of protests are that they are an evidence of voluntary support of a cause.

There is nothing about this event that is truly ‘organic’.

In some instances, they’re compelling kids to walk out by setting up a fire drill at the same time.

But in a photo op, none of that will matter, will it?

Oh look. A seventeen-minute reflection. Isn’t it interesting how that aligns precisely with the objectives of the walkout?

If this event claims to be motivated by compassion about lives lost… here’s an interesting juxtaposition.

But since there’s no political hay to be made out of the opioid crisis, don’t expect any more interest in opioid deaths than the media gives that roughly seventy-percent unsolved murder rate in Chicago.

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