Muslims Sue Restaurant Chain For ‘DISTRESS’ Over This Delicious Food

We all saw this one coming…

A Muslim couple in Dearborn, MI are suing a KFC restaurant for serving them bacon in their chicken sandwiches.

Earlier this year, a Muslim family in Alabama found small pieces of bacon in 14 McDonald’s chicken sandwiches and called CAIR to make it a national issue.

That McDonald’s story looks like it might’ve been deliberate and that’s just not right. McDonald’s says it was unintentional, but it was bits of bacon in 14 sandwiches.

The KFC story on the other hand — that looks like it might’ve just been a mistake.

Yemeni-American Muslim couple from Dearborn, Askar Abubaker, and his wife, Hasinah Saeed, filed a lawsuit on August 22 against a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Lincoln Park for an incident which occurred on July 1.

According to the lawsuit, Abubaker asked the employee behind the counter what was in the chicken sandwich. He then asked the employee: “Do you have cheese?”

The KFC employee replied: “We have cheese and bacon, it’s going to be an additional $1.”

Abubaker said he asked whether it was American cheese; the employee said only Swiss cheese was available.

“I’ll take Swiss only, no bacon,” Abubaker said he told the employee, ordering two chicken sandwiches.

Abubaker says that he found the bacon in the sandwich after having a bite.

KFC issued a statement.

At KFC we respect the religious beliefs of our guests of all faiths. We believe this lawsuit was filed as a result of a miscommunication between the guest and our team member. We cannot comment further on pending litigation against one of our franchisees.

The couple said that the employees were ‘looking at them and smiling’.

So, that means guilt now?

To me, this is kind of like that time that I went to a burger place and I got bread and veggies with no meat in the sandwich.

I don’t go back there.

Dude, just don’t mess up my sandwich, ‘kay?

A Dearborn lawyer, Majed Moughni, is trying to cash in on these outrages.

He filed a lawsuit on behalf of Mohamad Bazzi against Little Caesars Pizza in Dearborn claiming that their advertised ‘Halal Pizza’ had pepperoni made with pork. He was seeking $100 Million in damages because he ate some of the pepperoni.

It’s also what the lawsuits are alleging that’s the problem…

The lawsuits allege breach of contract, negligent representation, and are asking for monetary damages for what they said is emotional and physical distress from having eaten bacon. Both lawsuits have been filed in Wayne County Circuit Court.
Source: Detroit Free Press


‘Emotional and physical distress’?

I get that when I don’t eat bacon.

But hey, to each his own.

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