Muslim Mows Down Citizens In Melbourne – Scared Aussie’s Say, ‘It’s Not Terrorism’

Police are calling it ‘deliberate’ but don’t have a motivation for why the Afghani may have done it.

Gee. If only there were some kind of a clue.

Like all the OTHER people with a history of driving a vehicle through a crowd of Infidels.

What possible common denominator could possibly connect these acts of violence?

But we’ve reported on enough of these ‘deliberate’ acts that we’ve seen a pattern.

They’re prepared to call it deliberate. But they haven’t invoked the ‘T-word’.

THE man who deliberately drove a four-wheel drive into a Melbourne crowd injuring 19 people is a 32-year-old with a history of drug use and mental illness, police say.

The Australian citizen of Afghan descent was driving alone when he crashed a white Suzuki Grand Vitara into pedestrians at high speed outside Flinders St Station on Thursday at 4.41pm.

He is under police guard in St Vincent’s Hospital as police continue their “fluid investigation” into what they allege was a “deliberate act”.
Source: News

Police haven’t gone there yet. Then again, they haven’t interviewed the driver yet, either.

So anything more than that is called ‘playing the averages’ not, strictly speaking, reporting the official news. At least, not until the police reports — as they so often do — catch up with the casual observations of the public.

How many more of these acts will it take before we reassess that ‘religion of peace’ trademark?

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