MOTIVE: Vegas Sheriff Just Hinted At A Possible MOTIVE For The Massacre

Could the speculation be true? If so, it would COMPLETELY change the national conversation.

Motive is THE big unanswered question hanging over all of our heads.

What could possily make some millionaire hotshot gambler with no criminal record suddenly chuck it all and rain Hell on a crowd of 22,000 unsuspecting strangers whose only ‘provocation’ was enjoying a live performance?

The usual questions about gun control, and mental health are very much in the conversation.

Questions about any role the girlfriend may or may not have had also come up:

ISIS weighed in claiming responsibility. And although Clash reported on the claim, we were cautiously skeptical about the possibility of ISIS just trying to hijack — so to speak — the notoriety of a staggeringly violent act for their own P.R. purposes.

The basic gist of the ISIS claim was that Paddock — several months ago — joined the ISIS cause.

That was dismissed, in part, because we were explicitly told there were no known political or religious affiliations.

But now, Sherrif Lombardo — the go-to guy for any press updates through this whole tragedy, made a statement that put the word ‘radicalized’ back on the table on our list of possible motives.

Thickening the plot even further are the photos released of the 32nd floor crime scene.

We’ve cropped the photo so as not to include the killer’s corpse in the shot. But look on the table, where we’ve circled it. That’s what has caught people’s attention, and has generated speculation if some clue as to motive will be found there.

On a table close to his feet, there appears to be a roll of electrical tape, along with what may be a sheet of paper and a pen.

At this stage, police have not mentioned recovering any sort of note. Indeed, they have admitted they are scrambling to identify a motive for his decision to open fire on a country music concert, attended by 22,000 people. — Independent

It’s pretty gutsy to make a claim like that in today’s political climate.

We could use a lot more people like him. And like this guy:

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Share if this slaughter would make a lot more ‘sense’ if it turns out this was his motive.

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