Moron Tries To Rob This Great Grandma – What She Did Will Make You Howl Like A Coyote!

This moron should have picked something safer to rob… like an MMA club. Yikes.

A 43-year-old crook broke into a 70-year-old woman’s home. Bad idea.

She heard him break the window and she yelled at him to get out. He did not heed the warning. Instead, he used the backyard furniture to help him climb into her window.

So the seventy-year-old woman (we can’t stress this part too much) grabbed her late mother’s gun.

In the heat of the moment, the 70-year-old grandmother grabbed her late mother’s handgun and opened fire for the first time.

“I shot at him. He turned around and he ran and when he ran, I ran down the steps behind him and shot at him some more,” Maxine said.

Thompson, whose son happens to be a Philadelphia police officer, said she was in survival mode.

“Kill him before he killed me. That’s what was going through my mind,” Thompson explained.
Source: Fox

She opened fire for the first time. With her late mother’s gun.

And she drove off a prowler at 4:30 in the morning.

She is okay. Her grandchildren helped her clean up the mess and she took a little time to reflect.

“I hope I taught him and the rest of them a lesson. Stay the hell out of people’s houses,” Thompson stated.

The suspect ran to the corner of Broad and Parish and climbed on top of a car wash. According to investigators, the man then called police to tell them he had been shot.

The suspect was transported to Hahnemann University Hospital. He was to be taken into custody for home invasion.
Source: Fox

Why do we support the Second Amendment?

Becuase it gives private citizens a chance to band together against a government gone rogue. And it gives a little seventy-year-old woman the means to drive off (or kill) a prowler breaking into her home.

The cops came later. The gun was there right away.

Any questions?

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