Is Melania A Big Improvement Over Michelle As A 1st Lady?

Yes, this is a real question.

Is Melania a big improvement over Michelle as FLOTUS?

The current First Lady with her chic sense of style, fluency in 5 languages, commitment to family, and gratitude to be a naturalized U.S. citizen?


The former First Lady that said that the White House was built by slaves, wasn’t ‘proud’ of her country until her husband was elected, lost all ‘hope’ when Donald Trump was elected, lectured on nutrition constantly and pushed a disastrous school lunch program, and half the time dressed like her personal shopper had a seeing-eye dog?

I think this one is a no-brainer.

Unless you’re on the Left.

But then, I guess, it’s still a ‘no-brainer’, amirite?

Is Melania A Big Improvement Over Michelle As A 1st Lady?

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Melania is always stunning.

Here are a couple of photos from her recent trip to China:


She was an absolute vision in red, white, and blue for her trip to France earlier this year:

And she was just as beautiful in Poland with the President when she wore a stylish color-block dress:

Could anyone forget the vision that she was in her powder blue Inauguration Day outfit:

And here’s Michelle in uh… something:

And rocking a… WWE belt?

She apparently wore this garish dress on purpose:

Though her expression here makes it look like someone made her do this:

But… she likes big bows and she cannot lie:

In the course of preparing the article, Michelle’s poor taste in clothing made it difficult to determine if it was an actual outfit of hers or photoshopped.

Because you’d certainly think that this was:

We know that this one was not photoshopped because even the darkest minds couldn’t do this to a political enemy:


We know it isn’t about looks, but isn’t it nice to have someone represent our country that doesn’t look like a frumpy mess and is proud to be American?

This really seems like a no-brainer.

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