McCain’s Not Inviting Trump To His Funeral – Can You Say, ‘Bitter … Table For One?’

At a time when most people turn their attention toward their closest friends and family, he just can’t help but grandstand.

Normally, this stage of life isn’t about being in the public eye. It isn’t about setting scores and harboring grudges.

For most people, political grandstanding and getting the last word is the least of their concerns.

When someone approaches end-of-life, they generally step down from any official responsibilities (which he seems loathe to do) and they surround themselves with people they treasure.

Leave it to McCain to use the occasion of his own funeral to take a swipe at the duly elected President whose election he still can’t get over.

It really, REALLY looks like McCain’s driven by petty bitterness. McCain spent a lifetime in politics and got his ass handed to him by some Junior Senator from Illinois.

Then Trump came along and beat a Clinton. A CLINTON!

He thinks he’s a better man than Trump. That thumbs-down for the repeal bill was NOT done to help Americans, it was to flash the middle digit at the sitting President.

A last act of defiance.

The reason the press now loves him is, explicitly, because he is NOT a better man than Trump. The man who (from all we could tell) could not be broken by threats or violence as a POW came back home and fell prey to the soft words and inducements of the ‘in crowd’.

How do we know?

This picture says it all.

He announced that he doesn’t want Trump to go to his funeral. As though that were a ‘snub’.

Trump — if he hasn’t noticed — is pretty busy. He’s doing that job that McCain didn’t get.

Is there any reason he’d take time out of his busy schedule to spend time with a RINO who couldn’t be broken, but who sank into the swamp?

He assumes Trump would feel slighted by not being invited to the funeral.

There IS another possibility.

Maybe McCain’s opinion of his own significance was only off by about 180 degrees.

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