#MarchForOurLives Anti-Gun Goober Wants ‘Assault Weapons’ Banned But Can’t Define ‘Assault Weapon’

The gun grabbers are calling for the ban of ‘assault weapons’ and marching in the streets. They have little kids holding protest signs with swear words on them. They. Are. Serious. Can they define what an ‘assault weapon’ is? Nope.

These folks in the streets haven’t had that lesson on Guns 101 from this hilarious bro.

Watch: Bro Takes Goofy Libs To Gun School In This Hilarious Viral Video

And they’ve been officially P*ssified:

They don’t know anything about guns.

They want a ban on ‘assault weapons’.

What, pray tell, is an ‘assault weapon’?

They don’t have a sweet clue.

Watch as Cabot Phillips of Campus Reform asks the ‘March For Our Lives’ activists one simple question, ‘What is an assault weapon?’:

Before we can have any sort of conversation on curtailing our Constitutional rights, we’re gonna need to define terms. Can you tell me what an ‘assault weapon’ is?

‘I kind of do, but I kind of don’t…’

‘Um… no, but I guess, assault weapon — does that sound safe to you?’

‘Honestly, if you’re asking me, then any gun that isn’t a pistol should be banned.’

‘It’s a military-style weapon.’

‘It’s an arm, that — like, a gun — for instance that you can, like, buy at a shop pretty easily that is, like, can cause more deaths than, like, one, I guess…?’

They want us to give up ‘some rights’ to save lives.

Really, chickie?

How about ‘Nah’.

Undaunted, the intrepid gun goobers decide that they are going to use their intellectual heft to weigh in on the Constitution…

Oh, boy.

‘I think that the Constitution is outdated times have changed.’

‘It doesn’t lead to anything good, productive or peaceful.’

‘I don’t agree with the Second Amendment to begin with.’

‘I think the wording should be updated.’

So, riddle me this, gun-grabbing geniuses, what would happen if I were to say to you that I don’t agree with your First Amendment right to say the things you’re saying about guns?

Frankly, it’s just a nonsensical emotional reaction to an issue that y’all — quite obviously — know nothing about.

Would you say that I can take away your freedom to speak on this issue? Should I be able to censor you for your, like, dumb talking and stuff?

And yet, that’s exactly what you’re doing with guns. You don’t know anything about them but want to regulate them.

That isn’t how it works.

Composer Andrew Ford says that there is no First Amendment without the Second.

He’s absolutely right.

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