March Of The Snowflakes: More Teacher Walkouts Out West – This Is Cat 5 Weirdness

How novel.

Liberals are holding up signs to tell us how pissed off they are.

Let’s see what they’re ‘mad as hell and not going to take anymore’  … this time.

Whatever it is, there are a lot of them.

And they’re all wearing red.

What a surprise. They’re looking for more school funding.

Cue the hyperbole, and the ‘will somebody think of the children’ theatrics:

Arizona Educators United wants a 20% raise for teachers by next school year and yearly raises after that until Arizona’s teacher salaries reach the national average. The group also wants Arizona to restore education funding to 2008 levels, while Gov. Doug Ducey has offered to restore $371 million in cuts over five years.
Brenda Lopez, a fourth-grade teacher, addressed claims that by demonstrating, teachers were walking out on Arizona students.
“I am not walking out on your children, the state did that a decade ago,” Lopez told CNN. “I am walking for your child in a fight to save their schools and to increase funding for their needs. I am a third-generation teacher. I got into this profession to make a difference. Let’s make a change and give the education our children deserve.”
Source: CNN

They are demanding to have funding at the national AVERAGE.

It’s sad that we need to explain our answer to why that isn’t a good argument.

A Colorado bill to Jail teachers that strike is ony raising the stakes on this weirdness.

But here we go.

The national average is not a good means of wage comparison. It’s an expression of envy, not objective reality. Here’s why.

A quick search referencing Arizona turns up this:

If you love the sun you’ll love Arizona. The Grand Canyon State has a booming economy and a diverse population. What’s more, the cost of living in Arizona is relatively low compared to the rest of the United States. Here’s what you should know about the cost of housing, food, transportation, taxes and more in Arizona.

Cost of living is relatively low? So the actual buying power of a dollar is higher than an equal amount might be in some other states? Tell me again why the ‘national average’ is even relevant?

There’s another consideration. Throwing more money at a problem doesn’t make the problem better. Teachers are the employees. Childhood education is the product. If employees want better compensation, they need to show they’re delivering a valuable product.

Normally Huffpo is NORMALLY a leftist’s best friend. But not this time. They know that more education spending is NOT the solution to what ails our schools.

Over the last four decades, the per-student cost of running our K-12 schools has more than doubled, while our student achievement has remained flat, and other countries have raced ahead. The same pattern holds for higher education. Spending has climbed, but our percentage of college graduates has dropped compared to other countries.

To build a dynamic 21st-century economy and offer every American a high-quality education, we need to flip the curve. For more than 30 years, spending has risen while performance stayed flat. Now we need to raise performance without spending a lot more.
Source: Huffpo

Ouch. That’s gotta hurt a lefty to read. #SorryNotSorry

The trend is that objective American student achievement is suffering, but our costs keep rising. The problem addressed in this piece by the Atlantic 5 years ago is likely worse, not better,  in 2018.

America Spends a Lot of Money Per Student
The U.S. ranks fifth in spending per student. Only Austria, Luxembourg, Norway, and Switzerland spend more per student. To put this in context: the Slovak Republic, which scores similarly to the U.S., spends $53,000 per student. The U.S. spends $115,000. The PISA report notes that, among OECD countries, “higher expenditure on education is not highly predictive of better mathematics scores in PISA.”
Source: Atlantic

To recap, our teachers are marching for higher pay, despite having lower costs of living. They have been producing inferior student achievement, at greater per-student cost than other countries.

And their plan is to go … ON STRIKE?

Maybe instead of asking the taxpayer for more money, they can demand their administration stop pissing away thier overall budget on political activism, and start turning real attention toward delivering solid academic achievement.

That way, when teachers DO ask for more cash, student achievement will be an argument FOR them, rather than against them.

It’s simple math, really.

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