Making TV Great Again: First Roseanne, Now Tim Allen Is Coming Back!

Even Hollyweird couldn’t deny the ratings impact.

The Roseanne Show was a huge reboot.

Television isn’t the license to print money it used to be.

With people cutting the cord, or just not tuning in so much of the ‘stable’ and ‘reliable’ programming is in a ratings freefall. (ESPN’s morning show is getting crushed by the cartoon ‘Peppa Pig’)

Yes. Crushed by Peppa Pig. By something like a 3:1 margin.

Oh, the humanity.

Right after Trump was elected, networks NBC and CMT spiked the hugely popular, and long-running show “Last Man Standing”. No reason was given, but the public pretty much took it as a casualty of ‘the resistance’.

There were loud fan protests. There were calls to renew it. But NBC didn’t bite.

Now that Roseanne has proven how enormously successful shows that don’t treat conservative characters as a whipping post can be, Fox is answering that call to bring back the show.

A year after its controversial cancellation at ABC, the Allen-fronted comedy is poised to be resurrected by Fox for the 2018-19 TV season, TVLine has learned. Allen has, per sources, signed a deal for a potential Season 7 and conversations are underway with key cast members and EPs from the original incarnation to join him.

“Last Man’s” axing after six seasons caused a bit of an uproar last May, with some speculating that Allen’s well-vocalized right-wing beliefs may have been a factor. Allen himself added fuel to the conspiracy theory last fall, telling “Norm Macdonald Live,” “There’s nothing more dangerous, especially in this climate, than a funny, likable conservative.” ABC’s top exec, Channing Dungey, disputed the claim, however, insisting the sitcom was axed after “we made the decision not to continue with comedies on Friday.”
Source: PageSix

There were negotiations about bringing the show before, but they fell apart over money.

Now that Roseanne is a roaring success, maybe the money question doesn’t seem quite so risky anymore.

Just beware of Media Matters and their published battle-plan to crush all things conservative.

They’ll probably target the advertisers. But if they find advertisers that skew to the Right anyway, even that won’t matter.

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