Major ‘Newspaper’ Editor CONFESSES Affinity With Antifa, Brags About Hating Trump

This is a truly unbelievable story from the Bizarro World of…

The New York Times.

If the name sounds familiar, it’s probably because the New York Times used to be a newspaper waaaaay back when journalists objectively reported the news. You remember, those heady days before the Media became the Media (D).

Project Veritas infiltrated the New York Times and caught some startling revelations from strategy editor, Nick Dudich.

Dudich joked that he was biased against President Trump, ‘that’s why I’m here’. He also claims that all of the New York Times videos have his ‘fingerprint’ on them.

The Times employee wasn’t shy about his disdain for President Trump and his urgency in targeting the Trump brand. He even called Don Jr. President Trump’s ‘dumb f*** of a son’.

He said that he worked on the campaign for both Obama and Hillary, despite being a journalist. He even explains how he found a way to disguise the fact that he was one.

On the video, Dudich said, ‘Yeah, I used to be an Antifa punk once upon a time’ claiming that he was thrilled to ‘punch Neo-Nazis’.

But the weirdest thing is that Dudich said that he was that former FBI Director, James Comey, was his godfather.

When Project Veritas reporters dug a little deeper, they found some interesting information about this claim.


The New York Times hired that bro as an editor.

Let that sink in.

This was the Newspaper that was supposedly the ‘Gold Standard’ of Journalism.

They’re the ones that are supposed to do their homework, but they didn’t even check out this guy. Sure, he seems to be a liar. Perhaps he thought the Project Veritas undercover journalist was cute and was trying to impress her. Maybe he suspected something and just gave wild tales to see what would happen.
But, what if even one of his claims is true?

He worked on Hillary’s campaign and he knew the rules — he even discussed some of them in the video.

He knowingly violated the rules.

The question is, should he be still employed by the Times?

We’re supposed to trust these people to be objective.

Gee, why is it that there’s a huge problem trusting the news these days?

I can’t imagine what it could possibly be.

Can you?

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