Major City Declares Tracking GANG Affiliation Is ‘Racist’ – If I Lived There, I’d Move

Well, if even milk can be ‘racist’… why not crime prevention, too?

Have you noticed how often Portland has been in the news since Inauguration? It seems like they are trying to be leaders running the exact opposite direction of the Trump agenda.

And since part of the Trump Agenda involves re-establishing Law & Order… why should it surprise us that (under the premise of preventing racism) they would go the other way there, too?

Up until now, if someone was known to be part of a gang, that became part of the file. Which was helpful in crime solving, knowing associations, and had all sorts of other information-gathering value, as well.

But, such information might be ‘racist’, somehow.

Portland police next month will end their more than 20-year-old practice of designating people as gang members or gang associates in response to strong community concerns about the labels that have disproportionately affected minorities.

The Police Bureau recognizes that the gang designations have led to “unintended consequences” and served as lifelong barriers for those who have shunned the gang lifestyle and tried to get jobs, said Acting Tactical Operations Capt. Andy Shearer. —OregonLive

Have they considered other options besides nuking it?

Maybe make it ‘informal’ and separate from something that would turn up in a records search, or shield it from turning up? Or make it so the name is easily stricken from the list?

All sorts of options come to mind, and we aren’t even the experts.

Wheeler, who recently selected the first African American woman to serve as the bureau’s new police chief, said the decision shows that city police are committed to rebuilding trust with the community.–OregonLive

Strategies for trying to reach out to minority groups — while fine in principle — should be carefully thought out, and should not sacrifice any police ability to do their jobs.

We wonder whether these changes have far more to do with political capitulation in a ‘Sanctuary City’ than they do in improving the ability of police to Serve and Protect the city.

As one keen observer stated:

The department has countered criticism of the gang designation removal with assurances that they will continue to investigate gang crimes, but without labeling individuals. Captain Mike Krantz, who helped lead the charge, said, “What we’re really investigating is the violent crime.”

This is like saying, after a terrorist attack, that it’s not appropriate to speculate as to whether the perpetrators are associated with ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Taliban or Hamas. It’s pure politically correct stupidity, and just one more example of how the left is destroying the rule of law in this country. Labels aren’t the issue, it’s members of gangs committing violent crimes that Portland needs to tackle; and pretending gang membership is not relevant is pure fantasy. —DailyWire

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