MAGA: Democrats Will Hate This Meme Of The President’s First 6 Months In Office

The next time someone asks you why you support President Trump, show them this. It’s perfect!

While The Media (D) continues to push the Russia nothing-burger, and despite all the foot-dragging by the Democrats, President Trump is still making great strides to Make America Great Again.

He’s done so much already!

Not that you would ever know that if you watched CNN or NBC or ABC or CBS…

The Media (D) simply dislikes this president and will never give him positive press.

So, here it is in one image:

How awesome is that?

Look at all the amazing accomplishments!

So much winning!

We know that some people (like Canada’s ‘post-nationalist’ Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau,) don’t like the ‘America First’ policy of President Trump, but we do.

So does this Australian musician, Pogo:

Love it!


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